Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My blog needs

...a facelift! And more updates!

Any thoughts on where I can get a cute layout for this bag girl?
Updates will come later. But I'll leave you with a few teasers:

-I may or may not have gotten a tattoo (when, where, how, why?!)
-I may or may not have a best guy friend who's too close for comfort
-I may or may not have had interest in a guy who (again) is all wrong for me

And oh so much more in the double life of Blake :)
Stay tuned


  1. try cutest blogs on the block they are free or just go to my blog and check out april showers she has free ones and ones she will custom make for you!

  2. Oh! I'm looking forward to all the updates again! Glad you're back!


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