Thursday, October 1, 2009

Due for a miracle

Hi bloggey loves!
Long time no postey and for that I do apologize! However, I do want to keep you all posted... The best way to know what's going on in my life is to follow my Twitter @laurencemasson. And there you have it, my blog cover is blown! You all know my real first and last name! Oh well... I kept up the fa├žade for long enough!

So here's the low-down on Blake lately:
-The boss man is running me ragged with 55 hour work weeks and basically babysitting me to make sure I'm doing everything I should be doing. She also cut my pay back to what is was before she gave me a pathetic 50 cent raise. She also got mad when I told her I'm no longer cleaning for her if she intends to screw me on pay. Boss man wasn't happy. Too bad for bossman!
-A client of mine that I met a few weeks ago offered me some freelance writing work. She wanted me to script her a 5 minute speech about herself and her achievements as a realtor. I wrote it, she loved it. My professor told me to charge her $25 for it (I'm a student, not a pro) and she generously gave me $100. She continued saying that my work was much more valuable to her than a spray tan and that she APPRECIATED all the work I did for her and my perserverance as a professional. SCORE! It was so validating for me to read that about myself.
-September 30th marked the 8th anniversary of my grandfathers passing from Alzheimers. I had a surprisingly good day, and this year instead of being sad I decided I would live it up and make him proud by going to work and being ME. I think it worked. I felt so much better.
-I received a letter from my current college giving me the green light for december completion of my Associates.
-School is amazing, I'm enjoying my classes even the dreaded math.
-Ive been getting caught up on my Bible readings. I forgot how much it soothes me late at night. The more I read the better it gets. I'm currently at Exodus 5:22...the story of Moses. I need this in my life... I don't know how or why I ever put it on the backburner but that's really not an option anymore.
-Roxane is taking me to see a psychic tomorrow... Hypocritical much???^^^see above^^^
-I ordered my halloweenie costume and it's a surpriseeeee
And finally
I have begun the employment/roomate/apartment hunting process for the NYC metro area. If you know anyone, please hit a girl up!

How are my blog peepz doing??!


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