Friday, July 17, 2009

A Whole New Level of Douchebagery

Oh Jon Gosselin- people like you are the reason that reality TV should'nt exist. Did anyone else hear about this? Supposedely this toolbox is going to help design a line of children's clothing. Lord help us. He ditched his 8 kids to go meet up in France with Christian Audigier in France...With his 22 year old girlfriend, of course.

I used to feel bad for him when I watched Jon & Kate + 8. Eight kids, a (seemingly) obnoxious Kate who never leaves him alone- I wasn't suprised to see that they split. Aside from the fact that she seems to be the beign of his existence, we all know - TV can do that to people. I figured she'd be the one to let the fame get to her. But now Mr. Orange Asian Tan is getting his Christian Audigier on?! Is he even qualified for this? STOP RIGHT THERE: looks like Ed Hardy isn't too pleased with the rumors, and there's no children's line after all.

I think we'll all sleep easier tonight without the image of Jon & Kate's eight, Ed Hardy-clad kids, chasing us into the oblivion of tattoo-inspired fashions.

What wont be lulling us to sleep is the constant nagging---No, not Kate's. I'm talking about the little voice in the back of your head that tells you it could happen to you. One marriage, eight kids, and a couple sessons on TV was all it took to break them up. It makes you wonder what kind of society we live in where a father regresses to his 20's and runs off to France for the weekend, instead of stepping up and doing his part...


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