Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip time!

So in 11.5 hours I will (hopefully) be awaiting takeoff. I'm off to Vegas for 5 days, and I absolutely cannot wait!!! I'm so excited I finally get to take a vacation from the norm and enjoy some serious 100 degree weather,shopping, dining, and who could forget... Partying!!!

Btw if you have any tips for getting into Vegas clubs when ur underaged let me know!

Anyway so it seems apropo that I would blog about my fear and anxiety about flying. First things first, I have terrible and unrational fears of being interogated by airport security because I'm not American. I've done my research and I know my rights- you do not need a visa if you're just visiting from Canada, and you can fly with your passport as your only ID. Still nerve wracking.

Next, is my fear of the flight going terribly wrong. I know the odds are in my favor but let me just get this off my chest: God forbid something happen to me on the flight or on vacation- take good care of my stuff! Don't bury me, spread my ashes, and drink an LIT or 2 at my "going away" party aka funeral. Take all my journals and make my life story of it, publish me and make your millions. Mom dad & roxane- you are my life and the reason that I breathe, and that remains true no matter what happens to me. My friends too, you are my world, I can't imagine loving anyone more than all of you people put together!

Okay, now that this has taken a morbid turn, let's focus on the sun, heat, and good times to come! I will do my best to update from the west coast! Enjoy your week!


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  1. Have a great time! We will miss you and I will drink an LIT or 2 and pretend i'm with you!


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