Sunday, April 5, 2009

My gripe for the night

I'd like to know why men enjoy being in the company of weak-minded women. Women who are only a fraction of the girl who I once was. Women who have no self-respect, no self-knowledge and absolutely no self-control. Why are men so attracted to women who are so clearly not well matched for them?

Why would a guy want to take his chances in ending up with someone who is weak in so many ways? Don't they realize?! Dating leads to marriage, marriage leads to babies and then your babies will be just as weak minded as your wife!

I also hate that guys these days (from my parts anyway) have ZERO motivation to make something of themselves. Two guys who I've dated in the past have chosen to follow in their parents footsteps and "take over the family business", either choosing not to attend or dropping out of college! Others are willing to work dead end jobs which they hate, as long as they can kick back and enjoy a cold one later on!

Am I the only one with dreams, hope, ambitions, goals, and faith?! Are these peoples lives so void of guidance that they don't even notice that they're on the train to nowhere?!

I, for one refuse to settle. My prince will come, and so will my place in this world and someday all of this will make perfect sense.

I have no choice but to believe



  1. those guys that end up with the dumb girls are not serious about dating yet! They want to play with them and then go to the next one, unfortunately.That's why they pick them:) You will find the right guy one day when you least expect it......

  2. At least you recognize exactly what you want now, so you won't waste any of your time with such loser men.

    Kudos to you!

  3. I got the booties!!Thank you guys! They are so cute and they fit Nicky perfectly!I will post pics tommorrow, your mom is very talented what beautiful work she does and I loved the card that came with it!Thanks!:)


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