Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mama Kat's Workshop Wednesday

If these walls could talk...

I could tell you about my walls at work, but for $9.50/hour I am going to refrain. Instead, we'll pretend that I'm in the comfort of my own home. If our (new, freshly painted) walls could talk, these are the tales they'd tell:

In our sunroom, you'd see all the paraphenelia of two artists just trying to make it in this crazy world. Mom's paintings and dad's photographs tell the story of two immigrants who came here not because they had to, but because they wanted to. They wanted to be by the ocean, wanted a better life for their girls, wanted a place to feel at home. So they settled in New Jersey. You'd be surrounded by American flags and fond memories of days spent on the beach, when Dad used to work nights to spend the day with his girls.

In our kitchen, our walls would tell you that we can't sit through one family dinner without a squabble. Two (now adult) daughters, one crazy mom, and a dad who still is hardly ever there, doesn't make for conversation- it makes for controversy. The truth is, I don't think any one of us really agrees with another's lifestyle. Roxane and I think mom drinks too much & needs to get out more often, dad works too much & lets mom walk all over him. Mom thinks I'm a party queen and irresponsible, and who even knows what dad is thinking these days. Our walls would also tell you how it really went down the night of my 21st birthday . They would tell you that I eat my emotions, and that my mother hates me because she thinks I'm fat (even Roxane will vouch and tell you that's a fact).

Our bathroom walls would tell you stories about Roxane and I stumbling into our home after a long night, and finding things that even at our age, are scarring us for life. Think along the lines of parents, and nudity...And not the kind you typically encounter in the bathroom. *Shudder*

Our living room walls would tell you about my long conversations with UK... All the times I plugged in my earphones so we could chat about nothing and everything at all. It would tell you about my failed attempts at Sportskool yoga & fitness videos (and it would probably laugh). They would tell you about my two evil aunts (mom's sisters) who call every day and try to get my mother to move back to Canada. They would tell you about my concerned 88 year old grandmother who we talk to 2-3 times a week to talk to her youngest son, and her grandbabies (me and Roxane). You'd hear a gossipy little old lady talk with all the pride in her heart, about our pregnant cousin and our little cousins who are growing up so quickly. You'd get a sense of just how proud of a family we are.

And my bedroom...It would scream: PLEASE STOP SHOPPING! Your clothes are smothering the floor! In all seriousness, it might just say that. I would also tell me to stop being so damn self-depricating, and to stop pining after UK. Yup, I think I'm even capable of nauseating my walls with the thoughts that pass through my mind...

And so there you have it, if my walls could talk...


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  1. Oh yes, our walls... and crazy mom... ugh! Being an adult-child sucks!


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