Tuesday, March 10, 2009


In lieu of having our first Hump Day Giveaway, Roxane and I made the executive decision to hold my giveaway until the end of the week. You can enter till 11:59pm Friday March 13th =) Wino-Mom and I will draw the winner on Saturday!

"What is Hump Day Giveaway?" you might ask... Well, we decided we like giving so much that we want to do a once-weekly giveaway! Sometimes it'll be big, small, silly, but we started making a list and let me tell you, we've got some really good stuff! Heck, we might even be open to suggestions. Just remember, we're desolate immigrants, so we can't always give as much as others do. But we'd like to think it's the thought that counts! Besides, we need all the good karma we can get ;)

So for all of our new followers, we hope you guys stick with us- it's going to be fun. We lead semi-hectic lives, but we update all the time (I'm sure you noticed) and (I may be biased but I think) we're fun!

Hope you all loved your Spring Fling


  1. That sounds great. Thanks for doing all this and even if I don't win I am happy to be following your blog and NO! I am not being a brownose ok? J/K

    Shania La loca or La folle

  2. 10 points for using the words "executive decision" - it makes me feel important!

  3. hmmm.....I didn't see you had a giveaway...hmmmm I have to look further into your blog....I am sorry if it gets messy I am digging........

  4. Hi, Spring Fling yesterday was so much fun. Thanks for signing up for my giveaway for Girl Scout Cookies I will be picking a winner soon. Good Luck!!! I love Blog Buddies


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