Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Define: Rock Bottom

I'm not quite there yet, but if there was a train headed for Rock Bottom (or Bikini Bottom for you Spongebob fans) I would be strapped to the top of it, too broke to buy a proper ticket.

What's that sound you may ask? The sound of the Rock Bottom Chariot. It's pulling in, 45 minutes late, much like Roxane's did this morning.

Today hasn't been so bad, if I'm being honest. Aside from waking up in a sour mood... I've gotten a lot done today. The phone rang off the hook at work. I answered every call, placed every order, left to-do lists for my employees. I'm on decent terms with my boss, considering the fact that she is currently "annoyed with every single employee."

But school brought some surprises for me. First, I found out I failed my math test. Not miserably, but I didn't do well enough to entertain the idea that I might still pass with anything higher than a C. So I did something that I have never done: I dropped the class.

I decided that since community college has called me back for one semester, for one class, I may as well just drop the class, bite the $300 bullet and re-take it next semester. I'm an A student. I got one C last semester and my GPA went from a 3.76 to a 3.58... I just don't want it going any lower. People think I'm crazy for giving up.

But the thing is I know I would've gone crazy if I didn't stop now. Working seven days a week (97 hours last pay period to be exact) and going to school full-time...On top of being Blake...it's just too much sometimes.

So here I am, in the lab, with just enough energy left to blog about my seemingly pointless existence. I say seemingly because I refuse to believe that I'm here just to be here, to take up space. I know somewhere beneath the annoyance of day-to-daylife , being stuck in this immigration muss, having a bunch of less-than-stellar friends, and a love life that leaves much to be desired, that there must be a reason.

I've decided I'm going to simplify the equation to my life as much as humanly possible:
Work + School + Family + Friends - Drama - Stress - Feeling worthless = Much happier Blake.
And this is why:
Today I met a very youthful-looking, happy-go-lucky, 34 year old mother of three. She only had one piece of advice for me (I must've looked like I needed it, because I didn't really ask) she said: "Don't stress over anything- veryfew things in this life are worth the stress they create. The bills will always be there, the work, will always be there. You might as well enjoy life and forget about the stress. It's not going to get you anywhere."

And she's right. I mean realistically (and I mean this in the least pessimistic way) life shouldn't be taken too seriously...No one gets out alive anyway.


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  1. i have severe anxiety attacks if i stress over everything.. so i have to choose my stresses. and i don't choose too many. i like my life better that way.


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