Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jersey Gina Makes a Comeback

Oh lawd. Someone pass the midol before I flip the f*ck out. If today got any worse I would've stabbed someone in the juggular. For REALZ, my bloggety peez, I kid you not! Let's recap, shall we?

JG decided last night would be a good night to go out clubbin & drinkin (that's right, no g's at the end of my words). JG's guy friends almost got into a fist fight, which I broke up numerous time. My ex was also in attendance. I hate New Jersey. That's not true. I love it, but I curse it because I swear, I know everyone. Regardless, aside from the fist fights and the ex appearance the night went pretty ok. The alcohol probably helped.

I woke up this mornin with a slamminnn headache, despite havin taken 2 extra strenght tylenol before bed. Turns out alcohol + 5 hours of sleep will do that to you! I realized that I am also BREAKING OUT. This seems silly to anyone who doesnt know me, but last year I had cystic acne literally covering my covergirl side, and I'm not trying to look like a crater face by the time I reach my mid-20's.
How was school today, you might ask? My cheeky 70-some-year-old professor, Joe Bergen (jerkoff) implemented a new rule : NO ONE CAN SPEAK DURING CLASS. Good job, Joe. You really know how to get a crowd going you stupid mothaf*cka.

Then SUPERDUPERPARTYGIRL who is supposed to be my best friend of 10 years and JG decided that they were gonna f*ckin STRAND me at school because neither of them could be bothered to wait for me. So I waited f*ckin 2 hours for the bus to come, and took it to the center of town, where all the illegal immi's chill. Now look, I have nothin against illgal immi's (I sorta fit in) but DANG! Do they HAVE to look me up and down cause I'm the only white girl on the bus?! You gotta make a sista feel welcome, don't judge me cause I take the bus, shietttt. One girl almost got her eyeballz ripped out. Oh snap, when Jersey Gina gets mad, she THROWS down, she is the one chick on the block you DO NOT wanna f*ck with. In the words of Bon Qui Qui "Do NOT Get LOUD With ME OH NO!"

In conclusion. My day was sh*t. I hate my school. I hate this town. Thanks to my school f*ckin me over, I have to stay here even longer. The only piece of good news I've had today, and it is EXCEPTIONALLY good news is that Daddy will be home probably later tomorrow or very early Saturday. I'm estatic and can't wait to see him.

Oh for the love of Pete, pass the midol & the chocolate. Maybe the wine? Someone, help a girl out.

Jersey Gina


  1. thanks for visiting my blog and following me! i love you SPIRIT!
    you have fire girl! i also love the way you write.
    the thing i like most about the blog world is how we are all so different.

    in your about me i see your dislike for small closets..
    here in arizona all the new homes have the HUGEST closets. some would pass for bedrooms in apartments in the east. LOL!
    check on you later. be good.

  2. Oh! I h*te being gawk'd at like that! It happens to me all the time too. I think I'm just too-good-lookin for my own good!


  3. Blake hi! I've been following your big sis and now I'll follow you! Ok just some little advice on the drinking, drink pedialyte for very big hangovers, trust me it works you are hydrating your body and it needs fluid and elctrolytes to replenish! Also don't mix your drinks, ex. tequila, with beer and wine you will have a massive hangover! Ouch! Not that I have experience in this LOL:) Hope you follow me too!

  4. Sounds like a shitty day. At least you have your Dad to look forward to. In the meantime sip some wine and find some better pals.

  5. Thanks for your comment the other day on the Global Food Crisis post - we made it to 127 comments!


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