Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Salon

I've come to the conclusion that my boss is either Satan himself or just on drugs. She is the most bi-polar person I've ever met.

Saturday, my employee and I spent the entire day vacuuming, reorganizing, and throwing out old stuff. We were sick of her talkin' smack about the place looking 'disgusting'. Mind you, I run the cleanest, most upscale tanning salon in the area. I know this for fact, because I'm not shy- I go tanning at other salons all the time. I check out the competition, their beds, and their specials. I am shamele$$. Mostly, because I want to be evil and steal their clients. Muahaha.

So yesterday morning, she came in and without so much as skipping a beat noticed absolutely NOTHING of what we had done. Really, bitch? Like open your eyes!!! The one thing she did notice? One light bulb in one of the track lighting fixtures was out! She then proceeded to tell my employees that it's been out for awhile and she thinks that the reason I haven't done it yet is because I'm too lazy. Too lazy to change an itty bitty light bulb...But not lazy enough to neglect cleaning YOUR entire salon top-to-bottom.

Crack kills, man.

Then, we got a virus on the computer, which costs $192 to repair. She could've easily avoided this fee if she wasn't an absentee owner and actually came in to check out whether or not your Norton's Anti Virus subscription was up (which it was, by the way). She also now thinks she's going to take this out of our pay. The broad has lost it, for realz. She really is insane! She also told me that I'm a "repeat offender" of being online for work. Obviously, you nut job! I'm the one who maintains the Myspace, the email, and all of your other junk that you don't want to deal with!!!

Today, she came in and was all sunshine, rainbows, and butterflies.

At the other location, the employees are convinced she's on drugs b/c her eyes are always glassy, and her mood swings are out of control. Honestly, with some of the stories she's told me before- nothing could surprise me.

Honestly, if she ran her salon the way it ought to be run, I wouldn't say a thing about her personal life. But it's the fact that she mixes her personal and business lives that makes it so difficult for me to muster up an ounce of respect for her! Our pay is always late, (sometimes it's wrong!), she pays majority of our employees minimum wage and expects them to go above and beyond. I've been there 3 years and I still don't make in the double digits- with my commission included.

What I hate most is that she knows about my situation at home, and takes advantage of the fact that her shop is near by, and that although I don't get paid nearly enough to deal with her- the money is still good.

Someday, I swear I'm going to be so much more than this.



  1. tranylicious is the best way to describe her

  2. I used to have a mgr sorta like that. She was my BFF one day and the next she was a royal bitch. I just let her do whatever and learned to ignore her and just do my job.

    Thankfully I work for Pops now so I do whatever I want. {:

    Speaking of Pops I hope you had a great weekend with yours!


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