Saturday, March 14, 2009

Daddy's HOME! <3 and QUESTIONS!

For anyone keeping tabs on the immigration saga of our family, my Daddy has finally arrived, save and sound, back in NJ. I loved him, missed him, and I am super glad that he is home. I didn't even cringe when my parents kissed, that's how happy I was to see them together, and to know that he was here.

I will sleep easy tonight, for the first time in weeks.

Sorry for the short post, but one of my best friends, Blair is also home from college this weekend, so I have to run, charge my phone, get pretty, & go.

Let's jump on the bandwagon and play this game though:
You can ask me any question you'd like. Just comment on here, and I will answer once I have a substantial amount of questions. I don't bite, I promise =)

Hope everyone's having a fab weekend!



  1. only one ugly question ... when you said the parents "kissed" was there tongue?! bc i would have died!

  2. would you ever move to utah?

    what does new jersey look like?

    Whats your REAL name?

  3. -Who is your favorite actor? and why?

    -three make up items you can't live with out?

    -Name 3 singers/actors/celebraries that you would like to kiss or make out


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