Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's March?!

Ugh, welcome to March. I'm exhausted, and grumpy and now guilty of blogging on the job. I'm so bored I could EASILY go fall back asleep in one of the tanning beds, or on the couch in the front lobby for that matter. Regardless... Here's what yesterday was like for me:
I worked almost 12 hours at our brand new spa's Grand Opening. It went really well, with the exception that I don't normally work there. My boss brought me over because she knows I can do makeup relatively well, and that I'm educated about product. We definitely did well is sales, and the hourly is going to be a nice bonus to my next pay. After 11 hours I could no longer feel my feet, and they had turned off the heat in the building. I was delirious, cranky, and exhausted- meaning I left the building at 8:30pm feeling the same way I had felt when I entered at 9am- delirious cranky and exhausted. I got stuck working with this horrid 28-year-old wench who clearly doesn't know who I am. Technically, I am her superior. Screw the 8-year age gap, I was ready to literally KNOCK her into place. She even admitted to being a bit 'snarky' towards me. Get lost, homegirl. Know your place before I have to put you in it.
I got a lecture from momma because she could smell the cigarette on my breath when I walked in. I told her that with everything going on at home I just can't find the willpower to quit. Everyone at school, smokes. Everyone at work, smokes. It's hard for me to quit under those circumstances. Besides, I have so little energy and I already gave up coffee for lent (which has induced MASSIVE caffeine headaches by the way) it's sad but when I want a cig, I just want one. I'll quit when I'm ready. Anyway, it seems that Momma's not gonna let up on this smoking bit. Who could blame her? I'd be pissed too- she smoked for round 40 years and managed to quit..I dont understand why I can't! I woke up this morning and now she was accusing me of smoking in the house. Let me be clear. I may be insensitive, I may even be rude sometimes... But I would NEVER light a cigarette under my parent's roof! They both worked WAY too hard to quit for me to do that to them. It bothered me that she would accuse me of that!
I miss my dad a lot. He's been gone for almost a full week now. It's been almost 3 years since I went that long without seeing him, when I went to California and Vegas with my now, ex-boyfriend. Mid-way through the second week, I was begging my dad to pay the difference on my plane ticket if I was to trade it in to come home early. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't marry him to get my citizenship. Not even citizenship could've kept me happy enough out there to be 3,000 miles away from my family. I hope the guy I marry likes NJ, because I don't plan on leaving...Unless we're moving to NY...And even that is iffy.
I degress...I went home and took a bubble bath as I waited on Crookers (my best guy friend who apparently I like?) to tell me when he was returning from his longggg trip to Long Island, NY. And by long I mean, he spent the entire day driving there and back (Hamptons) to pick up some cars. By the time he called me I was already downstairs, getting myself food, and getting ready to go watch Goodfellas in the comfort of my too-small single bed. In lieu of hanging out, Crooks and I just stayed on the phone. I couldn't tell you what we talked about...just that we both started dozing off around 2am and called it a night. I now call Crookers by his "blog-name" now... I think he likes it, he calls himself a crook all the time... I'll post about this in T.A.L.M.S
My alarm went off at 7:45am. I made it out of bed by 7:55 and was at work (fully-dressed, makeup done) by 8:24. Thanks very much to Navy Girl, my best friend of 8 years, for dragging herself out of bed to drive me to work today :) Love you, NG. (sidebar: I can't drive because of immigration issues and I am VERY grateful for my understanding friends who do so much for me) I'm still tired from yesterday. I just want some comfort food, some blankets, and a good movie, dang it! I want a day to be a bum and do nothing! I should probably makes plans to stay far away from comfort food. I've noticed that I'm eating a lot lately, and not out of hunger. I'll snack of out boredom and eat just to eat. I remember my cigarette and redbull diet. I also remember when I was about as close to model-thin as I'll ever get. Five more days, but then I'm putting the food to rest...It's time to get skinny again. Oh, the pressure of living on the Jersey shore.
Send good vibes, please. Hopefully this week will be better than the last

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