Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brought to You by Various Cold Medicines

I'm still not well, but dang it I am bored!!! How many movies/shows/mind-numbing goodness can one watch in a 12-hour period?! I have yet to shower (gross, I know) or change. The only thing I've done today is eat, sleep, drink, and watch TV. Sometimes, I swear God gives me the common cold to remind me that I need some time off.

There used to be a time when I made sure not to work ANY Sundays so I could go to church. Then school started, and I have to work 7 days a week to make enough money to afford to live. I keep saying that God understands, but to be honest I feel really guilty about it. One day a week- and I can't even do that!

A few more random thoughts of the day:
-It's time to embark on my Spring time freak out where I need to lose 20lbs, say oh, yesterday. Does anyone know of any good cleanses? I've been reading about the master cleanse... It sounds more like a master pain in the @$$ than anything else. But I'm desperate for some uhhh..."cleansing" and "jumpstarting" of getting my fat butt in shape.
-I called out of work today, which is big. I can't remember the last time I did that.
-I haven't been to NY in a long time =(
-I hate basically all of my friends with the exception of Blair Vanessa & Brooke.
-I hate all men, with the exception of my dad and I am inclined to treat them ALL like sh*t. Doesn't sound very nice, does it? It's just what I want to do.
-If I met Robert Pattinson, I wouldn't be inclined to treat him like sh*t. I would be inclined to make out with him. Violently. If there is such a thing.
-I want to leave this town. What else is new?
-I wish I was Hannah Montana

This mess of a blog entry brought to you by Dimetapp (Lil Wayne's chosen brand) and Tylenol Severe Cold & Sinus.



  1. Robert Pattinson is mine. Get your flu symptoms away from him!!! Hope your gummi bears made you feel better <3

  2. Well...I certainly hope none of your other 'friends' is Feel better..


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